Skin Test & FAQs

Skin Test

Having an allergic reaction to our product doesn’t mean you’re not a Natural King, but you shouldn’t use it if you do have one.


1. Prepare Mixture : Mix a coin-sized amount of color formula (A) and activator (B). Ensure caps are tightly fastened to prevent oxidation.

2Application : Use a cotton bud or cotton wool pad to apply a small amount behind the ear.

3. Waiting Period : Leave it on for 45 minutes, then wash off. Don’t get ahead of yourself and apply the product to your hair unit 48 hours later, even if you don’t have an immediate reaction.

4. Observation : 

a. Normal test : No noticeable marks or redness.
b. Allergic reaction : Wash off immediately; do not use the permanent color.

5. Proceeding: No reaction: Proceed with coloring your crown


What is a patch test?

 It's a safety test to check for allergies before applying hair dye.

What indicated an allergic reaction?

Itching, redness, or swelling during the 48-hour test period.

Do I only have to test for an allergic reaction once?

Perform it each time; skin allergies can develop over time.

What area should I test?

 Behind the ear, inner arm, or side of the neck. Recommended  to do it behind the ear.

Do I really have to wait 48 hours?

Yes, yes you should.